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Actress Lindsay Lohan rehearses a scene from "Speed-the-Plow" by David Mamet at the Playhouse Theatre in London September 30, 2014. The play, directed by Lindsay Posner, runs until November 29. Reuters/Suzanne Plunkett

Lindsay Lohan and co-actor Jonathan Bennett are still as adorable as they were on the set of “Mean Girls.” The two had a quick catch-up over FaceTime, which Lohan shared a snapshot of.


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The post was shared a few days after Oct. 3, a day that has forever been etched into every “Mean Girls” fan’s mind. It was blurry at best as well, but fans that pushed for Cady Heron to get together with Aaron Samuels were thrilled to somehow see the two together again.

Lohan played Cady in the 2004 teen classic, while Bennett portrayed her love interest. Since its release, the movie has only grown in popularity. This is proven by the number of quotes and sayings that originated from the movie and are still being used today, as well as the unofficial Oct. 3 holiday.

Even the actors of the film still have fun with it. Lohan posted an earlier screenshot on Instagram to commemorate the special day.


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Meanwhile, Bennett has opted to step away from all the commotion. He spoke with Entertainment Weekly some months ago and answered a few random questions about “Mean Girls.” In particular, he was asked what he does to commemorate “Mean Girls” Day.

“I wear all pink and I watch 'Mean Girls' with Lacey Chabert [who portrayed Gretchen Wieners], and we sit there all day long and she asks me what day it is every five minutes,” he jokingly said, before admitting that there is a big group of people that greet him on the day.

“I pretty much just stay away from social media and keep my phone off,” he admitted. “Because it blows up.”

Nevertheless, the 35-year-old actor is still appreciative of all the love. On the day itself, he also posted on Twitter, giving everyone exactly what they wanted.