Reality TV Personality And Model Kendall Jenner
Kendall Jenner is the next big thing in the modelling world. Reuters/Lucas Jackson

Almost from the very start of her modelling career, Kendall Jenner found herself in the spotlight and in the middle of bullying controversies. The most prominent story would have to be at the 2014 New York Fashion week for Spring/Summer where she was reportedly bullied backstage. In cooperation with Dazed Magazine, Kendall has now appeared in a short film where she reads out loud from a burn book about herself just like the one featured in the teen cult film "Mean Girls."

The short film was released in conjunction with Kendall's appearance in three different covers for Dazed Magazine's winter issue. Kendall has been named as one of the top 100 new talents to look out for in the coming year who will change the face of their industry.

Dazed magazine came out with the short film, featuring Kendall in a pink girly bedroom with minimal makeup looking like she's just lounging around in bed. She is going through a burn book just like the one found in the movie "Mean Girls" where the characters wrote down all the nasty things that they thought about their classmates.

Kendall read out loud some of the things that haters have often been saying about her. Some of the statements included accusations that she has no talent, she is a spoiled brat and that she's ugly and nothing special. The insults ranged from hurtful to downright ridiculous when she was accused of making out with a hotdog.

"Kendall Jenner is a self-absorbed white bitch with millions of dollars for doing absolutely nothing. So don't f--king tell me to like her." Said one statement in the burn book. Another common insult said about her and also mentioned in the book is that she could not have made it in the industry without her famous family.

In changing the face of fashion, Kendall Jenner, saw her career sky rocket in less than a year. Ever since making her professional runway debut last year, Kendall has now walked in shows for some of the world's most prominent brands and has appeared in the New York, Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks among other individual shows and magazine covers. When she appeared in New York Fashion Week this year, reports came out that she was bullied backstage by some models who felt that she didn't work hard enough to get a spot on the runway and that she was only there because of her famous family name. Kendall as well as her mom Kris Jenner have both vehemently denied the reports with both of them saying that other models have been extremely friendly and accommodating to her. See the video below: