"The Last Of Us 2" was revealed via a trailer released during PlayStation Experience in December 2016. YouTube/PlayStation

“The Last Of Us” was a great game to begin with, but when its DLC was released, Naughty Dog revealed an important detail about one of its main protagonists. It was unveiled that Ellie had feelings for her best friend Riley, and this is one aspect of her life that may be discussed further in “The Last Of Us 2.”

“The Last Of Us: Left Behind,” which was written by Neil Druckmann, revealed that the two were infected together. Once the incident occurred, Riley said they had two options, either to shoot each other -- which she did not prefer -- or spend the time they still had together. Before this happened, the two shared a kiss, which Ellie immediately apologised for. Riley, however, said there was nothing to be sorry about.

In an interview with GayGamer, Druckmann revealed that Ellie was always written as a gay character and that the story with Riley was not made on a whim. “I was writing it with the idea that Ellie is gay, and when the actresses were working, they were definitely working with the idea that they’re both attracted to each other,” he told the publication. “There’s that chemistry there from the get go that was important for us so that we earned that moment when they kissed each other.”

It is unconfirmed at this point whether or not Naughty Dog will explore this aspect of Ellie’s past in the upcoming “The Last Of Us 2.” However, a choice that is so well thought out is likely not to be overlooked in the sequel. In the same, Joel will be taking the passenger’s seat, while Ellie’s rage and determination apparently drive the story.

“The Last Of Us 2” has no official release date as of now, but several publications suspect it will be released before the end of the year. Naughty Dog has yet to announce a big name for 2017, so this estimation may not be far off.

Watch "The Last Of Us 2" reveal trailer

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