'The Last Kingdom'
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Leofric’s favourite word for Uthred in “The Last Kingdom” has been “arseling.” Now the producers have released a new video to explain what that term really means. The producers have promised to release one character video each week.

When the protagonist Uthred (Alexander Dreymon) first met with Leofric (Adrian Bower) he wondered if the big Saxon understood English. That was the first time the soldier used the term aresling to describe a man dressed more like a Dane.

A video released online by the producers reveals that arseling is an adverb from Old English. The meaning of the word is “backwards” and is derived from the words “arse” and “ling.” It is used by Leofric quite often to tease, joke and even while appreciating Uthred.

Although there was some initial tension and a bit of rivalry, Leofric and Uthred later became the best of friends and looked after each other. The two shed blood together on the battlefield, sometimes for their king and other times for selfish reasons. And in due course of time they became like brothers in “The Last Kingdom.” Their bond was tested to its limit in the first season.

The previous character video the producers released online was about Brida (Emily Cox). The character was Uthred’s partner in the first season, and continued to be his strong supporter, despite changing circumstances.

Production of Season 2 began in June and continues in full swing. A behind the scenes video from the set has surfaced online that shows cast members David Dawson (King Alfred) and Eliza Butterworth (Alfred’s wife Aelswith) singing.

Credit: Twitter/ Eliza Butterworth

Another behind the scenes video from the production set of “The Last Kingdom” Season 2 has been posted on Instagram page of Millie Brady. The video shows some of the cast members taking a break from filming and having fun.

Credit: YouTube/ The Last Kingdom