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Filming of “The Last Kingdom” Season 2 has wrapped and it is now in the post production phase of development. The cast and crew members appear to have had a good time on the set. A new video has been posted online, showing how some cast members spent their time when they were not filming their scenes.

To be a part of the action-heavy TV series has meant the cast members had to endure cold nights on the set, training at the gym, and working on their stunts on the set. For some cast members it has been a challenging experience, but that doesn’t mean it was all work and no play.

‘The Last Kingdom’ Season 2: Dancing on the set

Actor Arnas Fedaravicius has posted a video of the cast members having fun in the makeup room. One actor can be seen dancing in the background to music, while the camera pans around the room to give the fans a glimpse of what it is like to be there.

The other actors in the background are still in their chairs, either getting ready to film their scenes or removing their make-up. The production crew was able to deliver stunning visuals in the first season in terms of the attention to detail to the costume, makeup as well as the sets. The popularity of the show has the fans now eagerly waiting for the next installment.


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Credit: Instagram/ Arnas Fedaravicius

‘The Last Kingdom’ Season 2: Episode title revealed?

With all the excitement on the set, an actor appears to have revealed the title of one of the episodes on the show. The actor teased the front page of the script of the next season, and it clearly says “Carnival” on the top. The video was taken on the last day of filming, but fans should note that the scenes are not filmed in sequence and the last scene filmed need not be from the finale episode.

“The Last Kingdom” Season 2 is expected to premiere some time in 2017. The producers are yet to announce an exact release date.


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Credit: Instagram/ Arnas Fedaravicius