'The Last Kingdom'
A poster of BBC TTV series "The Last Kingdom." Facebook/ The Last kingdom

A set of pictures from the production set of “The Last Kingdom” Season 2 have been released online. The pictures show the cast and crew setup in the middle of the woods in the night to film the scenes.

The first picture shows two men riding their respective horse in the middle of the night. The crew members can also be seen in this picture filming a conversation between the two actors. Are they Uhtred (Alexander Dreymon) and Alfred (David Dawson)? The producers have not revealed which characters were involved in this scene and what was being filmed.

The next picture from the same location shows there is another character in this scene, who is on foot. The caption for this picture was again secretive and only revealed that they are doing a night shoot. This picture gives the fans a better look at how the crew gets the lighting right for a night scene.

The third picture from “The Last Kingdom” Season 2 set appears to have been taken when the cast and crew were taking a break. The picture was taken in such a way that faces on the people can’t be seen.

The last two pictures give the fans a glimpse of two locations from the next season. The first is the entrance to a town that has wooden fortifications, and the second is a camp in the woods.

Although the pictures don’t reveal anything substantial, the fans are happy to see them. Commenting on the pictures, some of the fans said they wanted to see more such pictures from the set. Meanwhile, the fans speculate who they can spot in the pictures.

“The Last Kingdom” Season 2 is expected to begin with the Danes having conquered most of the land. It is now an uphill task for Uhtred and Alfred to rally their forces and reclaim their lands.

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