'The Last kingdom'
A picture of David Dawson as Alfred from "The Last Kingdom" TV series. Facebook/ The Last Kingdom

Filming of “The Last Kingdom” Season 2 continued, while most of the fans were busy celebrating Halloween. The producers have now teased a picture of a prop from the set, to join the celebrations. Some of the cast members have been constantly sharing pictures and videos from the set to keep the fans informed of the production, and keep them engaged till the premiere next year.

The cast and crew of the show greeted the fans on Halloween by sharing a picture from the set. The picture is that of David Dawson (Alfred). The team is tirelessly working on bringing the next season of the show to the fans quickly.

Credit: Facebook/ The Last Kingdom

The prop is that of a dead body. The picture appears to be a selfie taken by cast member Dawson himself. The picture teases more battles and deaths on the show.

[Spoiler alert]

“The Last Kingdom” Season 2 is expected to begin with the Danes having conquered most of England. The only obstacle remaining for the invaders is the king of Wessex and the people loyal to him.

Uhtred (Alexander Dreymon) and Alfred finally teamed up towards the end of the first season. With the knowledge and information the king has and the experience in war Uhtred has; the two are set to wage a relentless war against the Danes.

The fans got a taste of the battle tactics of Uhtred in the first season, in which he managed to ambush a large force of the Danes in the marshes. He will need more such strategies if he plans to defeat his enemies.

There will also be intrigue in “The Last Kingdom” Season 2. While Alfred may be convinced about Uhtred, his wife is not. And then there are Brida (Emily Cox) and Ragnar (Tobias Santelmann) that the protagonist may have to fight against.