'The Last Kingdom'
A poster of BBC TTV series "The Last Kingdom." Facebook/ The Last kingdom

Production of “The Last Kingdom” Season 2 is underway. While the fans wait, the producers have released a new video showing how the Viking and Saxon looks for the show were created and what thought process was behind the different look they were aiming for.

Some of the viewers may have noticed how the Vikings and the Saxons had a distinct look, especially when it came to their hairstyles. Hair and Makeup Designer Kate Benton appears in a new video released by the producers to talk about how they had to come up with different looks for these two groups of people.

Credit: Facebook/ The Last Kingdom

The Vikings, as the fans may have noticed, had long beards and longer hairstyles. On the other hand the Saxons were seen as very pious, so they got clean shaven looks and short hair. Since the show is set in the 9th century the short hair of the Saxons were “badly cut, slightly cropped.”

Credit: Facebook/ The Last kingdom

The Saxons got a “tight, minimalist, unadorned look” in “The Last kingdom” TV series. Despite their short hair and short beards, they were still made to look “dirty.” Even the women got plain and simple styles. Benton pointed out that the queen particularly got a harsh style, with her hair being tide under her chin.

Credit: Twitter/Eliza Butterworth

Quite a bit of effort went into creating the different looks for each actor, as the video demonstrates. The makeup artists had to use the real hair of the actors wherever possible. The actors spent a lot of time in the chair as the artist would put individual hair on their faces.

For the Vikings in “The Last Kingdom,” Benton explained that historically they did file their teeth before going to battle. They would also rub red berries in their teeth and stain them. Fans who have watched the show may remember the Lord of War Skorpa (Jonas Malmsjö) doing this prominently.

Credit: YouTube/ The Last Kingdom