'Kung Fu Panda'
A poster of the film 'Kung Fu Panda.' Kung Fu Panda/ Facebook

The first trailer of “Kung Fu Panda” TV series has been released online. The main focus of the story will be on four panda kids who accidently inherit the powers of legendary warriors of the past. Po will be back, and this time his challenge is to train these “hopeless” kids.

Nu Hai, Fan Tong, Bao, and Jing are the four panda kids seen in the trailer [see below]. There is an ancient prophecy that tells the story of four legendary warriors, each representing a different animal style of fighting. The four warriors are based on traditional Chinese astronomy. There’s Blue Dragon, White Tiger, Red Phoenix, and Black Tortoise.

The powers of these warriors get awakened, and transferred to the panda kids. The kids are just as ambitious as Po once was, and equally clumsy. They are determined to get Po to teach them, but the Dragon Warrior has a lot on his plate- literally.

Po won’t spend the rest of his life just eating, as Master Oogway returns in spirit form to tell his former student to become the teacher of these panda kids.

The kids don’t know anything about kung fu, and Po is reluctant at first. Oogway then reminds the Dragon Warrior about the time he was just as “hopeless.”

The Dragon Master Po has his task cut out. There’s a lot of fun, adventure, and eating, as the panda kids learn the secret arts of kung fu.

The TV series will introduce an exciting new villain. The four legendary masters from ancient times had risen together to fight their evil master. That evil master lived on in the form of a vulture, and he will do anything to stop these panda kids from stopping his plans.

The producers are yet to announce a release date for “Kung Fu Panda: The Paws of Destiny” TV series.

Credit: DreamWorksTV/ YouTube