Attack on Titan
"Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom" preorders are already available for Europe and North America. Koei Tecmo

Fans of the “Attack on Titan” game from Koei Tecmo can look forward to a slew of new trailer detailing the battle systems and character showcases of the lead characters.

The trailers still contain their Japanese voice dubbing, but they already contain the English subtitles for convenient reading. Since these are geared for the Western audience, it’s also titled “Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom,” which is the title for Europe and North America territories.

In the Battle System trailer, seen below, fans can read all about the gear that is used to battle against the titans. Additionally, it contains tidbits of information on the game, such as what can be done to weaken titans and where to aim.

It appears that the titans are also not your usual mindless monsters either. As in the manga and anime, the attacks can easily be deflected, if the player throws them carelessly at the titan.

Teamwork is also a crucial aspect of winning. Players can recruit up to four members per team to fend off titans. There are also some dynamics, as the team leader will need to increase the strength and loyalty of the team. For a more strategic approach, teams can even execute pincher attack to take down titans.

Crunchyroll has all of the new trailers. Some are pretty bloody, as they involve slicing up titans left and right. Players are interested in preorders will have some sweet bonus items to look forward to. GameStop, Best Buy and Amazon preorders will render the cleaner costumes for Eren and Levi and a festival costume for Mikasa. Those who prefer PSN avatars and Xbox Gamerpics can preorder from the PSN or Xbox Store, as announced over Koei Tecmo America’s Twitter.

Big spenders can also get their own Treasure Box, which has finally been announced for Europe. Previously a Japan-only item, the Treasure Box for the PS4 will feature an art book, a towel featuring Levi, Eren and Mikasa, pin badges, the original soundtrack and a voucher to download Armin’s futon costume featured in the Japanese animation “Attack on Titan: Junior High.”

An earlier trailer released this month has announced that the title will add another platform, PC, to its release lineup. There will also be both physical and digital releases for the game, Saiyan Island reported.

There are still a few months before “Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom” comes to the PS4, Xbox One, PS3, PS Vita and the PC. It is expected to land on Aug. 26 in Europe and Aug. 30 in North America.

"Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom" battle trailer (Credit: YouTube/Koei Tecmo America)