Blizzard is improving the ping times in Australia for "Overwatch." PlayOverwatch

Blizzard is preparing for the launch of “Overwatch” in more ways than one. It seems that the recently concluded beta of the game has taught the publisher a lot of lessons about the possible scenarios that may happen once the release date arrives.

The first order of business is knowing how to deal with the expected cheaters that will plague the game. Blizzard’s solution is to ban them permanently, Engadget reported.

Before fans can say that this is the usual route, Blizzard has already sealed the deal by delivering a permanent outright ban, stripped away of the three chances and cool down periods.

Fans may see this as a great move, especially since a lot of the recent games are seeing exploits being used left and right. One perfect example of a title that has seem so many exploit activity is “The Division.” Blizzard may be looking for a way to deal with cheaters swiftly and more effectively this time around.

The source even stated that the developer is welcoming any reports of cheating activities. This will make would-be cheaters even more hesitant to get into the shady side of playing “Overwatch.”

Still, as a title, “Overwatch” has some big guns that it can boast. Its beta run attracted the attention of several players that it has already broken the record of some renowned games for previous beta runs.

According to VG 247, the beta run for “Overwatch” has garnered 9.7 million players for all three of its platforms. This figure is more than double the beta for “Destiny,” at 4.6 million. It was also still enough to inch “The Division” out as a record holder for its beta program.

“We’re thrilled that such an incredible number of players from around the globe got a chance to check out ‘Overwatch’ during the Open Beta,” said Mike Morhaime, Blizzard CEO, in a statement quoted by VG 247.

The wait for “Overwatch” fans continues until May 24, which is the expected launch date for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC platforms.