"Destiny" April Update introduces a better loot system, more rewards and more customisation options for Guardians. Bungie

This week for “Destiny,” Bungie had continued the tradition of showing live Twitch streams. However, since the team is currently busy with potential content coming to the game, the developer has instead allowed fans to take stories and anecdotes of “Destiny” straight from the people who had a hand in developing it.

The week had welcomed in the artists, focusing on the art that went into the creation of “Destiny.” These included a few of the stories that the creators had in mind for the weapons, heroes and locations in the game.

Additionally, Bungie had also introduced some changes to the Destiny Companion app. Specifically, the developer had focused on improving the Recruitment wall to let players have a better time finding allies via the app.

“We’ve had some ideas for how that could work better, and we’ve been executing on them. Very soon, we’ll be enhancing our forum with new ways to form up and roll out into the Solar System,” said Bungie over the Weekly Update.

How the developer did it is to focus on designations and sections, allowing battles to be marked by platform, availability and activity. Screenshots, seen above, show how the Destiny Companion app Recruitment forum now looks like.

It also allows specific ally-hunting via filters. Now players can sort the forum to display invites that are suited for what they are looking for. And if the options are very limited, players can also post their own Topic to look for new teammates.

Bungie has not released a specific date for deploying the new fix. The most that has been mentioned in relation to timelines is that it will be released next week.

For those who want to use the remainder of the weekend hunting down Xur, there’s good reason to do this for the weekend. According to PlayStation Lifestyle, for 23 Strange Coins, “Destiny” players can get the Super Good Advice weapon. Other weapons and items on sale include The Stag (13 Strange Coins), Achlyophage Symbiote (13 Strange Coins) and Twilight Garrison (13 Strange Coins).

Two vehicle upgrades are also available for 23 Strange Coins. These are Stealth Drive and Void Drive. Xur is located next to the Crucible Quartermaster, so make sure to drop by and see what power-ups are worth granting the Guardians.