Xbox One
Microsoft has released 10 more games that are backward compatible with the Xbox One. Xbox Wire

Xbox One is expanding its backward compatible list of games. This time, it’s highlighted by the addition support for games that are in the multi-disc category.

One such title appears to be “Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director’s Cut,” Engadget reported. Xbox’s Major Nelson has also confirmed this new feature. The company has not yet released other titles that are included in this new list, but it does expand the

“We know fans were asking for this feature and our engineers worked hard developing a solution to enable it so we could further expand the titles included in Xbox One Backward Compatibility,” said an Xbox rep as quoted by Engadget.

There are other games set for the Xbox One. One Kinect title seems to be in the works. Kung-Fu for Kinect, from Virtual Air Guitar Company, will be coming to the Xbox One as early as next month, MCV UK reported. The game will be taking advantage of motion with the Kinect device to promote fitness.

“Kung-Fu” will take advantage of the Unity engine, which means it will have new features, game modes and more enemies. It will be a kid-friendly title, primarily geared towards motion fitness, seen in the video below.

Completing the show for the week are a couple of games debuting on the Xbox One. Major Nelson announced over his blog some titles that are now available for the Xbox One.

Kicking things off is “GunWorld 2” from m07games, EnjoyUp Games’ “Grand Prix Rock ‘N Racing” and Doom,” are all available. On the other hand, some titles that will be released sometime this month are already available for preorders and pre-downloading. One of these is “One Piece: Burning Blood,” set to release on May 31.

“Super Night Riders,” an arcade racing game where the player is put in the shoes of the lady-in-red motorcyclist, will be out on May 18. Finally, “Mighty No. 9” is also available for digital preorders, which will come with a digital copy of “Mighty No. 9 – Retro Hero.” This will launch later next month on June 21.

"Kung-Fu" on Xbox One (Credit: YouTube/VirtualAirGuitar)