King of Fighters XIV
New details have emerged for "The King of Fighters XIV" roster. SNK Playmore

It appears that the team behind SNK Corporation has more in store for their avid fans. They are planning to add even more upgrades in the “King of Fighters 14.” This will be made possible through their upcoming downloadable content (DLC) project.

The downloadable content for the “King of Fighters 14” game will include several new features that fans cannot wait to get their hands on. Some these are new costumes for the game’s characters.

The new set of costume will start off with the Classic Iori costume that is scheduled to be released on Thursday. It will soon be followed by the Kula Diamond Sun Dress costume, which will soon be available in March. Afterwhich, the Meitenkun Pajama, Sylvie Little Red Riding Hood and finally the Angel Diagolo costumes will soon in the same particular order. These were all confirmed details that were given by Neogaf member Shun.

The second upgrade that gamers can look forward to is the new stages that the team from SNK Corporation has prepared for them. Although there is still no news as to when these new stages will be released, it is assumed, through the abovementioned post, that the Terry stage will be included in the list of these new battlegrounds that will soon be released.

Finally, the developing team has released a silhouette picture of the upcoming new characters that will be included in the downloadable content of the game. The image appears to show a total of four characters. It looks like there are only three bodies that is in the picture, but the leg count of these figures correlates to four pairs.

The far left character’s silhouette greatly resembles the image of Kasumi Todoh. Kasumi is known for her Todohryu Aikijutsu, a form of martial arts that mixes Kendo, Aikido and Kobudo. Furthermore, her fighting skills rely mostly on counter grabs and high kicks.

The second character speculation is located at the far right corner of the picture is Ryuji Yamazaki. Yamazaki is known to have no martial arts preference or specialty. He prides himself to be a self taught brawler that uses a wide array of fighting skills. The downside of his method is that he fights unfairly and dishonestly towards the other characters of the game.

The third possible character is Rock Howard, who is standing beside Kasumi. As Terry Bogart’s apprentice, Rock learned most of his fighting skills from Terry and his father, Geese Howard. Apart from the traditional Akijutsu moves that Rock learned from his father, Terry taught him several other martial arts specialties. These include Boxing, Kung Fu, Karate, Street Fighting and Kick Boxing.

The final character is still left to be a mystery since Yamazaki’s silhouette seem to cover the image of the fourth character. This hinders fans to speculate on who the final one would be.

The “King of Fighters 14” game is now currently available for PlayStation 4. Players expect this new DLC to arrive sometime within this month.