King of Fighters XIV
"King of Fighters XIV" will launch with 50 fighters already available. King of Fighters XIV official website

A new fighter is coming to “The King of Fighters XIV.” From the looks of it, it will be a ninja from a potentially different race, given his accented way of speaking and overall design.

Seen in the video below, the twelfth teaser trailer for “The King of Fighters XIV” shows off Banderas Hattori. In the video, even though Banderas Hattori goes all-out against Mai, the dialogue shows that he is interested in her. He offers to become her student if he defeats her and even calls her a Yamato Nadeshiko, which is connoted to be the ideal Japanese woman.

“The King of Fighters XIV” is currently an exclusive for the PS4. No word has been release yet on whether or not it will make an appearance on other platforms. Banderas Hattori has an interesting design as a ninja, sporting a headband and dreadlocks.

Following the recent launch of the official website for “The King of Fighters XIV,” Atlus was also announced as publisher for the game in America. According to Gematsu, the publisher has already announced a few key details about the game, starting with the rendering of 3D graphics for all 50 fighters included in the roster. Of the 50 fighters, 31 of them will be returning characters from the franchise, with all of the characters available at launch.

It will reportedly retain the 3v3 approach to battles, but will introduce a more refined fighting engine and some game controls to suit the tastes of new fans to the game. “The King of Fighters XIV” will also introduce a better netcode for improved online gaming. Since it is a PS4 exclusive, the online architecture of the console will be utilised to bring about some new features. These include having spectator mode, saving replays and battle data and enjoying a single online profile for sharing and connecting with friends.

In the meantime, apart from the trailer, fans can enjoy the newly released screenshots from “The King of Fighters XIV.” DualShockers collated the images, which are reportedly showing off gameplay at 1080p resolution.

The official website for “The King of Fighters XIV” can be accessed here. There are a couple more screenshots in the official website, for those who are looking for more eye-candy gameplay scenes.

"The King of Fighters XIV" 12th teaser trailer (Credit: YouTube/PlayStation)