Reality TV Queen Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian might get pregnant again soon as she did the nude photo shoot before she starts putting on the pregnancy weight. Reuters/Danny Moloshok

Kim Kardashian's series of naked photos for Paper Magazine, which came out a few weeks ago, has been the subject of many reactions both good and bad. Whether one approves of the photo spread and its intention to break the Internet or not, test preparation company Catalyst Prep is making sure that the photos are put to good use by helping students study for their SATs.

The SATs are standardized tests that are accepted in most colleges and universities in the United States as a form of entrance exam. Students take the test in their final year of high school and use their results to apply to their preferred college or university. There are multiple testing review centres all over the country and Catalyst Prep is one such institution. In an attempt to touch base with their Internet savvy and social media -customer base, the company took advantage of Kim Kardashian's Internet -photographs to help students with their math preparations. Using their official twitter account, they announced that they just couldn't resist getting on the bandwagon:

As patriotic, pop-culturally-minded Americans, we couldn't help but see Kim Kardashian's recent photos as an opportunity to teach SAT math.

— Catalyst Prep (@CatalystPrep) November 20, 2014

They then followed up with tweets featuring several geometry questions all featuring the reality star's famous assets. One such question called for the students to compute the perimeter of one section of Kim's butt, which they referred to as a "celebrity booty."

Another question also tackled geometry by asking students to compute the interior angle inside a circle superimposed over Kim's butt. One of the choices in the multiple choice question read: "No clue, but an, I sure like geometry,"

Another question even touched one of the controversies concerning the photo. Catalyst prep brought up the Photoshop question by asking students to compute the difference in area of an edited backside compared to a non-edited butt image. They included a disclaimer that they didn't think a magazine editor would alter the image, of course.

The test preparation company also made use of another popular celebrity to help students prepare for their exams. Pop-star Justin Bieber's face featured in some photos posted on their twitter site, which is meant to help with even more math problems. It remains to be seen if the strategies will actually help students become better prepared for their exams, but they sure make for more interesting practice questions.