Killer Sharks Live and Breed in Brisbane Golf Course

By @Len_IBTimes on

The world's first shark-infested course is in Brisbane.

SkyNews reported half a dozen man-eating bullsharks are thriving and breeding in the lake in the centre of Brisbane's Carbrook Golf Club. Sharks' fins poking through the water have become a regular sight in the lake, drawing different reactions from golfers.

It has become a habit for golfers to pause for a few minutes during games to check the lake for fins circling in the water. News of the sharks have spread in the city, making way for the concept of a monthly tournament called the "Shark Lake Challenge."

A river broke its banks during a big flood some years ago, streaming the sharks onto the Queensland golf course, in which they have become stranded.

"You can't believe how close you are...just six feet away," club general manager Scott Wagstaff told SkyNews.

"There's no drama, it's become a positive thing for the golf course. They are amazing. I've become a shark lover since working here."

Wagstaff is also feeding the sharks with meat on top of the fish in the lake.

"I'm sure they are aggressive when you are in the water but when you are out here feeding them they are beautiful to watch," he told Sky News.

The sharks are reported to be between 8 and 10ft long. They have become an attraction at corporate events, with their fins becoming an anticipated sight even during wedding ceremonies on the course.

SkyNews said local children used to jump in the lake to retrieve lost golf balls for extra pocket money, but they will not be seen doing that again anytime soon.  

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