KFC Denies It Served Fried Rat To California Man

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KFC Fried Chicken
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In response to the claim by a 25-year-old California man that he was served on June 10 a fried rat, the fast food chain denied on Thursday the allegation. KFC said that it was chicken meat that was served to the “dissatisfied” customer.

Mashable reports that when security guard Devorise Dixon bit into the meat, the supposed-to-be chicken tender that was part of his three-piece chicken order was “very hard and rubbery.” The different composition of that piece made Dixon take a look at the food on his plate and notice that particular piece was in the shape of a rat with a tail.

The experience at KFC’s Compton branch on the corners of Wilmington and 120th “sent deep chills” throughout his body. Dixon says it was the first time he saw chicken shaped like that. He took a photo of the odd-looking and –tasting chicken to back his claim and posted the image on Facebook which generated outrage among netizens.

KFC pointed out that Dixon’s original Instagram photo of that chicken piece was from a different angle from his Facebook post where the meat appeared to look like a rodent with a long tail. KFC said the store attempted to contact Dixon, but the diner refused to talk with KFC directly or through his lawyer. KFC wanted the product to be evaluated by an independent lab, but Dixon refused to provide it the piece of meat, which he froze at home, in question, the fast food said.

Dixon claimed that he returned to KFC Compton and showed the photo of the item and receipt as proof of purchase, and said the store manager was shocked but apologised. She allegedly confirmed that it was a rat and offered to provide the complainant free meal, reports Fox.

But Dixon said he declined the offer and told KFC he will hire a lawyer to represent him. With that statement, the security officer is expected to file a lawsuit against the fast food chain. KFC said that based on the two differently angled photo, Dixon appears to be deceiving the public, and the store is considering its options on the matter.

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