Actors (L-R) Jeff Goldblum, Vince Vaughn and Julianne Moore are shown in a scene from the new film "The Lost World: Jurassic Park"
IN PHOTO: The sequel to the upcoming movie “Jurassic World” is already in the early stages of production, according to a new report. The movie will mark the return of the franchise to the movie theaters after being dormant for over a decade. Actors (L-R) Jeff Goldblum, Vince Vaughn and Julianne Moore are shown in a scene from the new film "The Lost World: Jurassic Park" in which they come face to face with a T-Rex dinosaur. The dinosaurs in the film are created by computer graphics and large scale models. The movie opens in the United States May 23 Reuters

Details about the new genetically modified hybrid dinosaur in "Jurassic World" have emerged online in a new report. Fans of the franchise got a brief glimpse of the new dinosaur in the first official trailer of "Jurassic World." The story of the movie is set 22 years after the events of the 1993 movie from the franchise. [Warning: Spoilers Alert!]

The first official trailer of "Jurassic World" showed Bryce Dallas Howard, who plays Claire, talking about the advances in genetic research for the past few years in the movie and confirmed that the park will feature a new hybrid dinosaur. According to NukeTheFridge, the name of the hybrid dinosaur is "Indominus Rex."

According to the report, the name Indominus Rex translates into Untamable or Fierce King. The dinosaur will reportedly be a genetic cross of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, Velociraptor, a Cuttlefish and a Death Adder. Readers who have watched the original movie from the franchise will remember that DNA strands from a frog were used to complete the dinosaur DNA sequence in the movie.

The report states that a source close to "Jurassic World" production team has revealed that the new hybrid dinosaur will have human genes spliced into its DNA. The scientists reportedly chose to do this to add "problem-solving intelligence" to the new dinosaur. The report does not reveal which character's DNA was used in order to accomplish this task.

The first official trailer of "Jurassic World" showed Chris Pratt, who plays the character Owen, disagreeing with the scientists for making a new dinosaur. He is later seen in the trailer talking about the new dinosaur being a "highly intelligent animal" after the dinosaur goes on a killing spree on the island.

According to the report, filmmaker John Sayles had also come up with an idea of the human-dinosaur hybrid previously. The script reportedly did not make it beyond the concept art phase after it was leaked online and fans expressed their outrage and disapproval.

The hybrid dinosaur in "Jurassic World," however, resembles more closely to a Tyrannosaurus Rex than a human. Fans of the franchise can see the dinosaur's legs and hands in the first official trailer, when it chases Chris Pratt.

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