Instagram CGI Influencers Take the Cake

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CGI social media influencers are becoming a thing. ijmaki/ Pixabay

CGI is an acronym for Computer-Generated Imagery. CGI influencers are avatars used on social media marketing platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to gain a large global audience of followers. These computer-generated characters are so realistic that up to 42% of people who follow them are blithely unaware that they are fake personas. And that's the beauty of CGI influencers – they appear to be real for all intents and purposes and we can connect with them.

CBS studies forecast that the digital influencer market will hit $2 billion by 2021, a remarkable achievement for an industry of avatars. These avatars are created by computer whiz kids, programmers, and designers. Teams of people burn the candle at both ends, ensuring that these avatars resonate with their audience, provide interesting commentary, and responses on social media profiles. Truth be told, you don't know who will be creating the content, posting the images, or sharing opinions – the CGI influencer assumes ownership of all its human creators.

Our Top 3 Selection of Digital Influencers – Lil Miquela

Screen Shot 2019-06-03 at 6 Photos of Lil Miquela  Lil Miquela Instagram

Nowadays, you can barely get through a conversation about digital influencers without mentioning Lil Miquela, otherwise known as Miquela Sousa. This Brazilian-born native now lives in California, and she is hot property on the digital marketing scene. Young and trendy, hip, hop, and happening she's everything that the new generation wants and needs. She sports a fabulous range of clothing including funky hairstyles, dresses, pants, boots, tank tops, jewelry and accoutrements et al.

Lil Miquela is 19 years old and already has an estimated 1.6 million followers on Instagram. It's not only the images that resonate with readers and followers – it's her commentary too. She is an outspoken social rights activist, with plenty of hashtag tweets about Black Lives Matter (BLM), and the LGBTQ movement. She's always got some witty little comment upper sleeve, and that's why she has amassed such a formidable base of followers. Time Magazine labelled her as one of the most influential people on the Internet in 2018. Unbelievable really, but true. As a digital influencer, she is also the face of an incredible product range of fashionable items.

Zoe Dvir is the New Face of the People

Screen Shot 2019-06-03 at 6 Photos of Zoe Dvir  Zoe Dvir/ Instagram

Zoe Dvir is the face of the new generation and she's proud of it. Her slogan is simple and effective, ‘You're amazing just the way you are.’ Zoe is fast approaching 30,000 followers on Instagram, and it's thanks to the amazing behind-the-scenes work by a talented team led by inventor and entrepreneur Tal Melenboim, a computer aficionado par excellence. This star hails from Israel and resonates with audiences far and wide. The brains trust behind her development wanted to create a tailored persona a.k.a. avatar for marketing purposes.

Zoe is everything that exemplifies her target market. She's smart, engaging, devastatingly gorgeous, and always pushing the limits of CGI influencer abilities. Tal often juxtaposes images of Zoe alongside real people for maximum engagement and interaction. This fashion model now represents multiple brands and all signs indicate a successful marketing strategy is well underway.

Shudu - Fashion Model Par Excellence

Screen Shot 2019-06-03 at 6 Photos of Shudu  Shudu/ Instagram

Shudu is yet another CGI influencer a.k.a. virtual influencer. She is regarded as the world's first digital supermodel and she certainly cuts a fine form with her followers. As an Instagram star, she already boasts 175,000 followers with just 5 dozen posts to her credit. Created by the famous fashion photographer, Cameron-James Wilson, this virtual superstar gained international celebrity status when she was caught wearing a darling shade of Mattemoiselle lipstick. Nobody quite knows who all the members of the creative team are, raising red flags about Federal Trade Commission rules regarding the identification of paid posts. Nonetheless, Shudu is the Grace Jones of the CGI world and people love her.

Shudu got her big break when she was featured on Rihanna's Fenty Beauty Instagram account. Truth be told, she's more of a fashion model than a digital influencer, but her images have lots of appeal. That means that her human handlers have not crafted a persona fit for her immaculate appeal on social media. It's tough to put into words what she stands for, since her beauty doesn't really need an explanation. The 6 feet tall runway model is virtually everything that her adoring fans want her to be. She is confident, beautiful, independent, and immensely successful.