Injustice Gods Among Us
"Dawn of Justice" characters Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman have debuted in "Injustice Gods Among Us." Warner Bros

“Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” is striking the hype fever for fans of DC mainstays Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. The same goes for one of the most popular DC games to date, “Injustice Gods Among Us.”

The mobile version of the game has recently received an update from developer NetherRealm Studios. Those who open the app will be greeted with a rather long look at the trailer of the upcoming movie.

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“Dawn of Justice” Superman challenge

The Man of Steel is back for another round, this time with a new skin for “Dawn of Justice.” The challenge will be available until March 25, just in time for the release of the movie.

As usual, the challenge has five tiers. Challenge 1 and 3 require the usual conditions for characters, which is to have only Bronze cards and only Bronze or silver cards on the team respectively. Challenge 2 requires a Zod character, Challenge 4 will need Lex Luthor and the last tier will require Doomsday as part of the team.

“Dawn of Justice” Superman has the Shattering Blow passive. This passive allows “Dawn of Justice” Superman to have a boost to his special attacks. This allows the character to shatter the equipment of the opponent and temporarily disabling all the gear on the opponent.

Playing through all the modes, standard, Expert and Nightmare can help players rack up credits. There are a lot of new booster packs that contain new Gears and Gold character cards.

Daily rewards, challenges and exclusive gear set

For those who may have already finished the challenge and gotten Dawn of Justice Superman, there is still a lot of reasons to keep logging in and checking the game. Until April 14, Warner Bros and NetherRealm Studios are giving daily login rewards. The rewards can range anywhere from character cards power credits, gear and more.

This is on top of the login bonus that has previously been in the game. The older login bonus is limited to giving power credits, energy cards, Alliance coins and the Bronze card every 10 days of logging in.

Apart from the new store booster packs and challenges, there is also an ongoing Survivor Mode promotion. There is also a new set of Gears that can be obtained via Survivor Mode. This mode came from a recent major update, adding the new and more challenging mode, which pits players against endless rounds of battles with limited and non-generating health from the last battle.

There is also an ongoing season online, which gives players a chance to get the Batmobile Legendary Gear Card. This is a returning prize, but it is apt for those who have several Batman skins.

What’s in store and more

There is an early access pack for “Dawn of Justice” Wonder Woman, who has yet to be offered as a challenge reward. Additionally, a “Dawn of Justice” Gold Pack worth 135,000 power credits will give players a chance to get “Dawn of Justice” Batman.

Fans should note that buying this pack does not necessarily equate to getting the Dark Knight from the movie. It will contain one sure Gold character and two bonus cards, with only a chance of getting the “Dawn of Justice” Batman card for every purchase.

There is also the Dawn of Justice Gear Locker, worth 100,000 power credits. This is similar to the Gear Locker, and it may be a tricky thing for players with limited power credits. Like the new booster pack, purchasing this pack does not guarantee a Dawn of Justice Gear. There is only a rare chance of one of the three “Dawn of Justice” gears—Superman’s alterego, Clark Kent’s Glasses, Batman’s Cowl and Wonder Woman’s Golden Lariat—being included in the pack of three random Gear cards.

"Injustice Gods Among Us" 2.8 update (Credit: YouTube/Dreams Factory)