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A lot of countries still do not see the good that marijuana can do and they should change the outlook soon. Creative Commons

Although the general outlook on cannabis has changed, there are still a lot of people who see the plant under a bad light. Regardless of all the benefits it carries, others still tend to focus on the addictive and psychoactive properties of marijuana. With non-psychoactive cannabis variants now more prominent than ever, such a mindset should be forgotten.

New Zealand is just one of the many countries in the world that is yet to fully embrace cannabis. Psychopharmacology Professor David Nutt has fought alongside cannabis use, citing that there far more dangerous substances than marijuana. In a research published by The Lancet in 2010, Nutt and his colleagues have determined which substances caused more harm and then ranked them accordingly.

At the top of the list was alcohol because of the number of health concerns it raises. The team also took into account the accidents caused by drunk driving. Alcohol is followed by heroin, crack cocaine, methamphetamine and then cocaine. At the bottom of the list was cannabis.

Nutt argued that society would be better off if recreational marijuana was the most prominent intoxicant available. Despite the solid argument, Nutt’s findings had little impact on the cannabis market. However, governing bodies should look beyond the euphoria caused by cannabis as the good far outweigh the bad. And in this case, there are ways to completely avoid the bad.

How to avoid the ‘bad’ in marijuana

The high people get from marijuana stems from the cannabis compound tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Recreational cannabis strains contain high concentrations of THC whereas medical cannabis and hemp typically have 0.3 percent of THC or less. It is impossible to get high from these strains. What these strains lack in THC they make up for in cannabidiol (CBD).

Modern techniques allowed people to separate the essential oils in cannabis. Creative Commons

CBD is the naturally occurring beneficial compound in cannabis. Some companies like PotNetwork Holdings, Inc. (OTCMKTS:POTN) extract CBD from premium quality hemp and uses it as the primary ingredient of various products. POTN distributes the products through its wholly owned subsidiary, Diamond CBD, Inc.

Thanks to companies like POTN and Diamond CBD, it is now easier to incorporate the wonders of the cannabis without the psychoactive effects. The extensive line of products includes crystal dabs, vape liquids, edibles, creams and more. POTN even goes as far as creating products that pets can use such as treats and capsules.

Some regions are still on the fence about whether they should support medical marijuana, but by barring this product, they are also depriving people of a great medical wonder. New Zealand could follow in the footsteps of Canada by lifting the ban on cannabis. The nation could be on the verge of doing so now that Canada has passed the cannabis act.

People with epilepsy, anxiety, depression and even chronic pain should be able to use CBD and medical marijuana to their heart’s content without any restriction.

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