How CBD is shaping a new industry for vaping

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Although generally safer than smoking, the vaping industry has received some flak in the more recent years, causing people to ask: Is there a better alternative? Creative Commons

Just a few years ago, vaping is all the rage — threatening to challenge the tobacco industry by offering a safer, albeit more expensive, alternative to introducing nicotine to your system. It’s designed to help you stop smoking, providing you with all the pros of cigarettes with significantly fewer cons.

Today, the industry has expanded. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that in just thirty days, an estimated two million US middle and high school students have used e-cigarettes.

Adapting to the changing times, the vaping industry has managed to grow a community of vapers over the world. It helped that an increasing number of fact-based researches show that vaping is safer than smoking actual cigarettes. Last year saw the publication of the first longer-term study for vaping. The research, funded by Cancer Research UK, revealed that vapers had significantly fewer carcinogens and other toxic compounds in their bodies compared to smokers — but only if these vapers had completely stopped smoking.

Another study also compared the toxicants that cause cancer in vapor and smoke, as well as the estimated cancer risk of a lifetime of smoking cigarettes or vaping. The study revealed that those who vape have a significantly smaller cancer risk.

However, that’s not to say that vaping is a hundred percent safe. Although given in smaller doses, e-cigs still have nicotine, which, if used in excess, can be lethal.

Due to this reason, the vaping community and industry searched for other options and turned their heads to another burgeoning market: the cannabis industry. What resulted is a new sector that consists of vaping devices that used cannabis instead of nicotine. Cannabis has a compound called tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which provides psychoactive effects to its users in a much “greener” and more “organic” way—not toxic compared to nicotine.

Of course, this didn’t escape the prying eyes of other people, as the smoking of marijuana vapes has been recently called out as a public concern, especially among children and teenagers. Recently, a school-based survey showed that nearly one in 11 US students has consumed marijuana through an e-cigarette, heightening the health concerns of parents. It’s not just parents either; the Food and Drug Association ordered the top e-cigarette manufacturers to produce plans that will stop underage use, giving each of them 60 days to do it.

A better alternative

With cannabis and vaping still seen as a health concern, is there really no better alternative? One company called White Label Liquid Inc. (OTCMKTS:WLAB) has found the perfect answer, and it comes in the form of a compound called cannabidiol (CBD).

To provide a brief background, CBD is a compound usually extracted from a plant called industrial hemp, which is a cousin plant of marijuana. While marijuana’s THC provides addictive and psychosomatic effects (the feeling of being high), hemp’s CBD does not, and provides so much more than a euphoric feeling.

Subject to a growing body of research during the more recent years, CBD has been widely acclaimed for its various medicinal and health benefits, from its anti-inflammatory and aging properties to its pain relief and relaxing effects. As a result, CBD managed to create a market sector of its own, pulling in both the recreational and medical sides of the marijuana industry, with companies making products infused with it.

WLAB then saw this opportunity and incorporated it into its business acumen. A publicly traded company dedicated to providing the services required to become a powerhouse in the CBD and E-liquids industries, WLAB creates e-liquids with CBD using the highest standards and best practices currently available, which is further validated by the company’s ISO-7 certification and product knowledge.

hemp-3662166_1920 ICC is partnering with Sababa Sciences Inc. to build a fully automated cultivation center in Denmark.  Creative Commons

Currently, the company is able to produce various products in over 20 categories and 300 flavours. Additionally, WLAB is also capable of manufacturing a new e-liquid flavour in two weeks’ time. This allows the company to stay in-demand and meet client and shareholder expectations, contributing to the company’s steady growth.

By incorporating the many benefits of CBD into its wide array of e-liquid services, the company is essentially combining the best of both worlds, providing its market and community with a healthier and safer alternative.

As the CBD market matures alongside the vaping industry, it’s exciting to see how this will affect the masses moving forward. Nevertheless, companies like WLAB are already here, building the foundation for a new industry that can potentially cause another sea change in the world.

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