'House of Cards' season 5 spoilers
Netflix original 'House of Cards' season 5 teaser poster. Facebook/House of Cards

Netflix original series “House of Cards” fifth instalment has been set to return May 30, 2017. And not long before the show’s onset, rumour has been abuzz that the series’ upcoming episodes could be highly influenced by Donald Trump’s presidency. “House of Cards” season 5 was renewed in January 2016.

The American political drama is an adaptation of a BBC mini-series of the same name, based on a novel by Michael Dobbs. “House of Cards” features actor Kevin Spacey as the ruthless US President Frank Underwood. Spacey recently teased that President Frank Underwood would “willingly stand behind Donald Trump -- in order to push him in the right direction.”

Viewers of the show would know better than to underrate Frank’s villainy, who had in the fourth season finale promised to “make the terror” in “House of Cards’” upcoming season. It has been alleged the fictional president will become even more divisive than the real-life counterpart in the show’s fifth season.

Comparing Frank's with Donald Trump’s presidency, the former’s chaotic re-election bid in the fourth season was much akin to Trump’s own unconventional election campaign. Moreover, the “House of Cards” season 5 teaser, released on Trump’s inauguration day, is said to have hinted at a turbulent future for the show’s version of contemporary US.

That being said, actor Kevin Spacey had cancelled the similarities calling them unintentional. “This has happened every season where we have decided on a storyline,” he said, according to Express. “We think somehow they're getting our stories.”

“We have written it, we have shot it and then just before the series gets dropped, something very close to what we have decided to develop happens to hit the headlines,” Spacey said further. “I know that people think we've ripped it, but it's really the other way around. We think somehow they're getting our stories.”

Well, that’s not all. “House of Cards” mirror the real life US presidency in several other occurrences. For instance, the character Russian President Viktor Petrov from season 3 and 4 resembles the real-life Russian President Vladimir Putin. What’s more striking is the fact that both of them share the same initials, both are ex-KGB agents and both seem to have an unsteady relationship with the United States.

“House of Cards” season 5 has been slated for release on Netflix on May 30, 2017 in the US. The series will be released May 31 in Australia. Meanwhile, the show’s previous four seasons are available for viewing through online streaming site Netflix.