Actress Claire Danes
Actress Claire Danes arrives at the People's Choice Awards 2016 in Los Angeles, California January 6, 2016. Reuters/Danny Moloshok

“Homeland’ has gained a reputation for featuring episodes that are strikingly similar to real world events. Season 5 garnered comparisons with the Paris attack, violence in Syria, as well as the growing ISIS threat. Season 6 will be set in New York City, which spurred fans to speculate that 9/11 may be the focal point or among the references.

Creator and showrunner Alex Gansa shared some details about Season 5 and 6 of “Homeland.”

Spoiler alert! This article contains potential "Homeland" season 6 spoilers. Read on if you would like to know what happens next before the new season airs.

Gansa told Sioux City Journal that he appreciates being congratulated about how people noticed that the plot has a lot of similarities with current issues and events. He shared that they predicted as well as took some information from headlines and further explored the ideas, adding questions about how the United States imposes its power abroad.

The showrunner also said that he does not think about the character Dana Brody much, although he does think about actress Morgan Saylor a lot. He said that he always wonders what she is doing because she is a great actress. Gansa is interested in the Brody family and understand that they cause a lot of concern on the Internet.

Gansa agreed that Dana might be a Carrie in the making. He surmised the potential of the character becoming a CIA officer. He said that it would be an interesting take on the character, one that he has not considered before. He said that it could be a fascinating concept and teased that they just might do it in Season 8.

There are speculations that Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) will return to the CIA in Season 6, and Dana Brody will be joining her, according to the the Sioux City Journal report. The storyline is expected to follow a more serious tone. The new season will feature Mathison more, as well as her bipolar disorder. Her condition will be used by show writers to form the plot more as well as make her the focal point. Season 6 will reportedly be more thrilling and intense than the previous season, possibly looking back at 9/11 and other potential terrorist activities.

More updates and details on “Homeland” Season 6 and Dana Brody are expected soon.