Holby City star Camilla Arfwedson
"Holby City" star Camilla Arfwedson poses for a selfie on her Instagram account. Arfwedson plays the character Zosia March in the BBC One medical drama TV series. camillakarfwedson/Instagram

"Holby City" cast members John Michie (Guy), Camilla Arfwedson (Zosia), Jaye Jacobs (Donna), James Anderson (Ollie) and David Ames (Dominic) will be seen in the medical drama's new episode titled "The Man Who Sold the World." It will air in the UK on Tuesday night. The upcoming episode will feature Zosia facing a tough decision on what to do with Guy, whose behaviour is becoming even more erratic.

Spoiler Alert! This update has additional 'Holby City' spoilers. Read on if you want to know more about 'The Man Who Sold the World.'

"Holby City" series 19, episode 49, which airs on BBC One, will feature Guy showing up at work with erratic behaviour that worries Zosia. She suspects he may be drinking again, and she's torn on what to do about it.

Meanwhile, it appears Dominic is doing a good job as a new registrar. He's also being a great help with the wedding planning. However, recent things aren't all good, and he may not be on top of things as he seems to be. Elsewhere, Donna's patient will have an unexpected visitor whose presence will shock her. This will also force her to make difficult decisions.

'The Man Who Sold the World' preview

A preview of "The Man Who Sold the World" was uploaded on the show's official Facebook page. It features Zosia confronting Guy about how sure he is that he's thinking straight. Guy tells her he absolutely is. However, this doesn't convince Zosia. She'll tell Ollie her suspicions regarding Guy drinking then showing up at work. Ollie advises her to ask herself what she'd do if it wasn't her dad in the situation. Zosia finds this difficult to do so and is conflicted about it.

Another video shows Zosia preparing for her wedding with Ollie. She's sad about her broken relationship with her father, especially on her wedding day. She'll be consoled that it's not actually her fault as her dad was the one who burned the bridges.

Another scene shows Guy reflecting on the awful things he said to his daughter, especially about how her mum would be ashamed of her. It seems that Zosia will finally get fed up and decide to cut her dad off their lives once and for all. Watch the video at the end of the article. The Internet Movie Database reports that Joe Ainsworth wrote the episode, which was directed by Jamie Annett.

'Holby City' season 19 episode 49: 'The Man Who Sold the World' stars

IMDb also lists the other stars that will appear in this episode and these include Rosie Marcel as Jac Naylor, Hugh Quarshie as Ric Griffin, Eleanor Fanyinka as Morven Digby, Christian Vit as Matteo Rossini, Alex Walkinshaw as Adrian "Fletch" Fletcher, Guy Henry as Henrik Hanssen and Ayesha Dharker as Nina Karnik. They will be joined by David Ajao as Damon Ford, Lee Mead as Ben "Lofty" Chiltern, Bob Barrett as Sacha Levy, Kevin Kennedy as Graham Ollerinshaw, Leon Lopez as Jared Baptiste, Jamie Maclachlan as Christian Pinnington, Enzo Squillino Jr as Marco Moretti and Melissa James as Abbey Childwall.

'Holby City' episodes: 'How Loud It Is'

The episode prior to "The Man Who Sold the World" was "Holby City" series 19, episode 48 titled "How Loud It Is," which aired on Sept. 5 and on Monday in the UK. The next episode is titled "Veil of Tears, Part One," and it is set to air on Sept. 19.

'Holby City' news

John Michie, the actor who plays Guy in the medical drama, and who also appeared in "Coronation Street," lost his 25-year-old daughter Louella on Monday in a tragic accident. "It was just a tragic mistake, a tragic accident. This was not a murder," Michie told The Sun. "She touched so many lives. She was so very positive, so bright, so out there. She had such energy. The tributes to her have been incredible."

Louella's dead body was found in a wooded area at the Lulworth Estate in Dorset where she attended Bestival, a four-day music festival. She was a dancer and a model for the lifestyle company House of Voga. She also taught yoga.

"Holby City" airs every Tuesday at 8 pm on BBC One in the UK. Stay tuned for more "Holby" spoilers and updates in the coming weeks.

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