Holby City
The Holby City set, at the BBC's Elstree Studios. Wikimedia Commons/Gill Rickson

The "Holby City" cast, such as Jac (Rosie Marcel), Fran (Carli Norris), Fletch (Alex Walkinshaw), Nurse Donna Jackson (Jaye Jacobs), Ma Levy and Sacha (Bob Barrett), will star in an upcoming episode titled "Paper Wishes," which airs on BBC One in the UK on June 27. It will show Jac and Nurse Donna returning to work in the hospital. Plus, Sacha will be set up for a blind date. Read on to learn more about it.

Spoiler Alert! This article contains the newest 'Holby City' spoilers. Read on if you want to know more about 'Paper Wishes.'

"Holby City" Series 19, episode 38 will feature Nurse Donna and Jac coming back to work at the hospital, according to the BBC One website. The Darwin team will both be surprised by their return. Jac decides to get over the recent tragedy by being busy at work. Meanwhile, Nurse Donna will clash with Fletch. She'll also wonder if things have changed way too much since she left the Acute Assessment/Admissions Unit (AAU).

As for Fran, she will try hard to get Jac to trust her enough and open up to her. However, it seems that Jac isn't ready to dissect her complicated feelings yet. While all of this drama is happening, a young patient will arrive at the hospital and is convinced that bad karma caused her life-threatening condition.

Elsewhere, Ma Levy will set up Sacha on a blind date with a religious woman. She's hoping that Sacha will reconnect with Judaism. On the other hand, Sacha is uncertain if he's ready to take a leap of faith and find new love in the process.

'Holby City' episodes: 'For You May Be the Next to Die'

The episode before "Paper Wishes" is "For You May Be the Next to Die," which airs on Tuesday, June 20. It will show Jasmine (Lucinda Dryzek) meddling into Jac's affairs by delving into her dark past. However, she won't be prepared to discover something shocking.

Meanwhile, Dom (David Ames) and Lofty (Lee Mead) will have a misunderstanding. Thanks to a patient who is into bird-watching, Dom will see his situation with Lofty from a different perspective. Plus, a rookie F1 wants to make an amazing impression on the first day. It will be an interesting day that proves to be hard to forget for the entire team.

"Holby City" airs in the UK on BBC One at 8 pm on Tuesdays. Stay tuned for more updates about the British medical drama.

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