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The "Holby City" cast, which includes Jasmine (Angela Griffin), Jac (Rosie Marcel), Dominic (David Ames) and Lofty (Lee Mead), will star in a new episode titled "For You May be the Next to Die." It will feature Jasmine's shocking discovery about Jac. Read on to learn more.

Spoiler Alert! This article contains the latest 'Holby City' spoilers. Read on if you want to know more about the upcoming episode of the medical drama.

According to the BBC One website, "Holby City" Series 19, episode 37 will show Jasmine delving into Jac's past. She will uncover something that will shock her. Her meddlesome ways will earn her some enemies in the process.

Meanwhile, Dominic and Lofty's friendship is at risk because of a simple misunderstanding. Thankfully, one of their patients who loves bird watching, helps Dom make sense of the situation and see things from a different perspective.

Elsewhere, a rookie F1 wants to leave a good impression on the first day of the job. A challenge will test them, and this will determine if they have what it takes to be part of the team. This episode was written by Patrick Homes and directed by Jamie Annett.

Guest stars of 'For You May be the Next to Die'

The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) lists the following actors and actresses that will make an appearance in this episode: Eleanor Fanyinka (Morven Digby), David Ajao (Damon Ford), Christian Vit (Matteo Rossini), Guy Henry (Henrik Hanssen), Jemma Redgrave (Bernie Wolfe), Ayesha Dharker (Nina Karnik) and Alex Walkinshaw (Adrian 'Fletch' Fletcher). Anderson James (Oliver Valentine), Camilla Arfwedson (Zosia March), Bob Barrett (Sacha Levy), Kaye Wragg (Essie Harrison), Hugh Quarshie (Ric Griffin), Syrus Lowe (Vince Hardy), Carli Norris (Fran Reynolds), Molly Casey (Kelli Mathers) and Shola Adewusi (Hilary Franklin), will also be seen with them.

'Holby City' episodes

The episode before "For You May Be the Next to Die..." was "For the Love of Maureen," which aired on Tuesday, June 13. It was directed by Jamie Annett and written by Joe Ainsworth. It featured Mo (Chizzy Akudolu) contemplating on some tough life-altering decisions. Meanwhile, Jasmine suspects that Fran doesn't have good intentions for Jac. As for Ric, he was forced to mend some ties that have been broken. This change of heart happened because of a patient that was dear to him.

"Holby City" airs every Tuesday at 8 pm on UK's BBC One. The show's 37th episode will air on June 20. Stay tuned for more spoilers about the British medical drama.

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