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President Barack Obama is going to disclose his top strategy to wipe out ISIS from earth. Reuters

It seems the Obama family is the favourite target of hoax makers in 2014. In November, Malia Obama was rumoured to be pregnant, although it was just based on a satire article.

On Friday, Waffles at Noon, a Web site known for busting hoax stories, came out with a photo showing this time President Barack Obama allegedly engaged in a liplock with another man. Below the photo is a caption "REPOST Obama wants it off the internet!"

The Web site explained that it is actually an old hoax, dating back to 2011, which just resurfaced. During its first round of social media sites, the image was accompanied by an article that identifies the president's kissing partner as British Prime Minister David Cameron. Others who saw the image thought the other man was former US Vice President Al Gore.

A November 16, 2011, article on business Web site CNBC explained that the photo is actually a campaign of clothing brand Benetton with the theme "Unhate." The campaign aimed to show that "Public displays of affection are intended to promote reconciliation and tolerance."

Other Photoshopped images of the campaign include that of Mr Obama kissing Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez and Chinese Premier Hu Jintao. There is another one featuring French President Nicolas Sarkozy and German Chancellor Angela Merkel also kissing.


Another version of the photo published by Feastoffun.com had First Lady Michelle Obama and TV host Oprah Winfrey on the background with scowling faces.

Benetton is known for controversial advertisements. But the question now is if it was a 2011 campaign, why is the photo resurfacing now?

Could it have been released by LGBT groups since the president has shown his support for same-sex marriage? Or is it political in nature coming out a day after Washington and Havana announced on Wednesday the restoration of diplomatic relationship?

Would another Photoshopped image showing Mr Obama and Cuban President Raul Chavez be far behind?

A check with Twitter showed that the same image has been retweeted frequently since 2011.