Kris Aquino, the loquacious sister of Philippine President Benigno Aquino III, has lamented the slow delivery of relief goods to victims of super typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda).

However, being the presidential sister, chances are she won't be censured by her older brother for that statement. Likewise, fellow ABS-CBN talent and newsreader Korina Sanchez won't likely comment anymore even if the remarks could hurt the latter's husband's electoral chances in 2016, having earned the backlash from netizens over her comment that CNN reporter Anderson Cooper was airing wrong facts.

But while the TV host in her morning show, Kris TV, bewailed the slow delivery, she also explained the reasons behind the delays.


"They take turns. Yesterday, I had a long lecture and conversation with PNoy (President Noynoy Aquino, her brother). The truck is loaded in a roro that goes through Sorsogon, it takes 48 hours. So yesterday we saw in the news that the aid is already arriving. The airplanes take turns in landing," she said in Filipino, quoted by Yahoo news.

She admitted being desperate about the delay, adding, "I felt ashamed that we keep on accepting goods, but we can't show yet to the donors that the good have reached the victims by bringing it personally to them."

The report said the presidential sister and TV host paid from her own pocket the fuel used by Air Asia in delivering the relief goods to Leyte. She said 10 tonnes of goods will arrive in Leyte on Sunday.

However, like other celebrities involved in the relief distribution, Kris has been also hit by rumours in past relief efforts in late August such as she was allegedly the cause in the delay of shipment of the relief goods for northern Mindanao because the vessel made a U-turn to fetch her so she can help.

Another victim of rumour is Vice President Jejomar Binay who is being criticised for distributing relief goods with his name on the white bag. Some posts in social media even attribute the delay in delivering the relief goods to the time it took to design and print the VP's logo and name and to stick It on the white plastic bags.

Politicians in the Philippines are under fire from the public for constantly using every opportunity to look good before the public by adding their names and faces on everything, from relief goods to tarpaulins of major public works projects even if these were funded by government coffers and not from their pockets.

However, the office of Vice President Jejomar Binay pointed out that the relief goods they are distributing bears no marks on the plastic bag. His office also released a video on Wednesday showing the repacking of the goods in plain white plastic bags.

Joey Salgado, the VP's spokesman said they verified the report and discovered that the relief bags with the VP sticker and name were donated by Engr Nelson Golez of Iloilo which were sent to Capiz province.

As of Thursday, the VP's office had distributed 40,000 relief goods in Capiz, Iloilo and Cebu.

Unfortunately for Mr Binay, jaded netizens no longer believe his explanation, based on tweets such as those below:

Screen capture of tweets on relief good bags with the name of Vice President Jejomar Binay on it.