GTA Online Lowriders
"GTA Online" Lowriders event is running for the entire week until March 24. Rockstar Games

Players have just started enjoying the benefits of the recently released patch for “GTA Online.” One of the features that came in the patch include the Ghosted to Player option.

The option allows players to become invincible to another player, while the other player will also be out of harm’s way from the perspective of the player that he has killed for a certain number of times. Rockstar Games designed this with two prerequisite conditions.

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One player should have been killed three times by another player in the span of five minutes. During that same period, the player should have also been unable to land any damages on the other player. When the Ghosted to Player option is selected, the two players will be unable to harm each other for two minutes, VG 247 reported. This just goes for the two players involved.

The player who has been killed three times can select the option “Go Ghosted to Player” for the condition to take effect. This new option is available with the Patch 1.33, which had landed recently on the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

“GTA Online” also have two days left before the Lowriders Custom Classics event week ends. Currently, the developer is offering some special discounts and chances for Double GTA$ for some modes and more, as announced over the Rockstar Newswire.

The remaining mod and playlists that “GTA Online” players can play in for Double GTA$ and RP include Keep the Pace for March 22, Relay for March 23 and Offense Defense on March 24. The playlists can easily be replayed for those who are going on a grind via the Rockstar Playlist section in the pause menu of “GTA Online.”

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A couple of discounts available include 50 percent off on all rifle and shotgun ammo for the entire week. There’s also a 25 percent promo on all motorbikes via the Legendary Motorsport and Southern San Andreas Super Autos, as well as 25 percent discount on all Properties with a 10-car garage. Finally, there’s also a 75 percent discount on column shift levers, plaques and bobble heads.

"GTA Online" Lowriders Custom Classics (Credit: YouTube/Rockstar Games)