GTA Online
"GTA Online" has received a new update that introduces the Sumo Adversary Mode. Rockstar Games

Just as Rockstar Games had promised, “GTA Online” players will now have more options for cars straight from Benny’s Original Motor Works. This comes by way of the new “GTA Online” Lowriders: Custom Classics update, which has just arrived for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Two new muscle cars lead the update, the Vapid Slamvan and the Dundreary Virgo Classic, both of which are upgradeable rides. There is also the Willard Faction, which can now be upgraded a new style.

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Of course, no “GTA Online” update will be complete without the brand spanking new weapons. Ammu-Nation has new weapons, the Compact Rifle for those who have trigger fingers and the Double Barrel Shotgun, for more destruction and detonation.

Complement the new rides and weapons with all new outfits. Rockstar Games stated via the Rockstar Newswire that the new range of wardrobe consists of street apparel to work wear. Tattoos are all the rage as 16 new designs can be obtained all over the tattoo parlors in Los Santos. There are even new hairstyles for both genders.

Finally, the “GTA Online” Lowriders Custom Classics update also introduces a new Adversary Mode. Dubbed as the Sumo Adversary Mode, this will allow both solo players and team workers a chance to play. The objective is to force opponents out of a designated arena much like what sumo wrestling is all about.

What’s exciting about the new Adversary Mode is that cars will be used in place of wrestlers. The video below shows off just how the new adversary mode in “GTA Online” works.

While players are enjoying the latest update, it appears that the old case involving “GTA V” and Lindsay Lohan is actually moving forward. Rockstar Games was previously sued by the actress back in 2014, due to the use of her likeness without her consent for a character in the game, Lacey Jones.

According to IGN, a judge has allowed the case to move forward in the lawsuit against “GTA V.” The judge reportedly said that he had wanted to hear what Lohan has to say about the case.

"GTA Online" Sumo Adversary Mode (Credit: YouTube/Beshev Games)