GTA Online
Rockstar Games has detailed Til Death Do Us Part Adversary Mode. Rockstar Games

The Be My Valentine event in “GTA Online” has finally kicked off, and it will be a way towards double the money and the love in the online component of GTA 5.” Developer Rockstar Games has detailed the new Adversary Mode Til Death Do Us Part and teased a few more events for players to get into this weekend.

The new Adversary Mode will see up to four pairs in a quadruple date to death. With just one life for the pair, one half of the pair dying off will mean a dramatic death for the other. But for pairs who manage to stay close together, Health regeneration bonuses are also available.

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The Be My Valentine even in “GTA Online” will last until Feb. 18, making it the perfect time to also reap some great GTA$ and RP. Over at the Rockstar Newswire, the developer has announced that the Til Death Do Us Part playlist will yield double GTA$ and RP for the week. It’s also the way to unlock the Firework Launcher and Fireworks for completing the whole playlist.

For Valentine’s Day weekend, players can get exclusive unlockable tees. On Saturday, it will be the “Nelson in Naples” shirt, while on Sunday, it will be the “An American Divorce” shirt. Also happening during the weekend is the #BeMyValentine Snapmatic contest. Players can document the essence of the event using the iFruit can win up to GTA$1 million. Finally, a Valentine’s Social Club sweepstakes is happening with interesting prizes up for grabs.

With all the events and updates for “GTA Online,” it’s now wonder that “GTA 5” continues to enjoy a great degree of success. According to Engadget, “GTA 5” sales has been holding down the fort despite its two-and-a-half-year lifespan on retail. In January 2015, it still retained the second spot in the best-selling games.

Instead of showing signs of slowing down since its height in 2013 when it was released, “GTA 5” movement even went up in January 2014. A year after, it had moved to third place, with the following year seeing it now secure second place for January 2016.

This is a considerable feat, especially since a lot of big-name games have released after “GTA 5.” Yet according to the report, it did manage to top the likes of “Fallout 4” and “Star Wars Battlefront.”

A good deal of its success may be the ever-updated “GTA Online.” From the looks of it, this trend can continue, as Rockstar Games has not shown to slow down in providing fans with more content.