Koei Tecmo is offering a lot of content for “Attack on Titan,” not to mention introducing a new feature once the game releases. An update is expected to debut in the game on March 24, and this will bring the online four-player co-op experience.

The inclusion of online co-op play was announced at a livestream event. According to Gematsu, the feature ill allow not only support for four players, but also cross-platform play. This is a great addition, considering that Koei Tecmo’s “Attack on Titan” is coming to the PS4, PS3 and PS Vita platforms.

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As of writing, the developer has not yet announced a definite release date for the update. However, the post-launch update will also introduce other features to the game. For instance, 10 more items like costumes, weapons and titan models will come to the game.

The developer has also given a sneak peek of the DLCs that will come post-launch. After the expected Feb. 18 release date in Japan, a “New Year” weapons and costumes pack is scheduled for the same day launch.

A week after on Feb. 25, there’s a “Festival” costumes and weapons, two more episodes and a special “Wings Requirements” episode. March 3 will bring a Halloween costumes and weapons, the Iron Wall episode and two other unnamed episodes. An very early Christmas costumes and weapons pack will come on March 10 alongside the Survival Competition episode and two additional episodes. On March 17, Koei Tecmo only made mention of a complete set for additional costumes, weapons and episodes, bringing a total of 16 costumes, four weapons and nine episodes as addition.

There is also a new PS4 cutscene footage spotted by DualShockers. The scenes appear to hark from both the anime and manga, as fans may recognise the epic scene following Eren’s revelation of being a titan.

There are already some packages offered for all versions of the game. According to Anime News Network, there are both package and download editions for the platforms. On the PS4 and PS3, package edition is somewhere around US$63 (approx. AU$89) while download editions are at US$55 (approx. AU77). The PS Vita has it a little cheaper at US$55 (approx. AU$77) for the retail edition and US$49 (approx. for AU$69) the download version.

Any first edition copies of Koei Tecmo’s “Attack on Titan” will include serial code downloads for Eren’s and Levi’s “Cleaning” costumes and Feature Duster Blade item. There’s also the Treasure Box edition, which has yet to be announced for a release outside Japan. For now, Koei Tecmo has yet to set a release date for “Attack on Titan” for North America, Europe and Australia.

"Attack on Titan" new PS4 cutscenes (Credit: YouTube/KoeiTecmo Official)