"Pokémon Go”
"Pokémon Go” Plus devices that will be compatible with "Pokémon Go” Pokemon official website

A new Pokemon is joining the roster as a Legendary Pokemon. Called Magiana, the new Pokemon was first scene gracing the cover of the latest CoroCoro magazine.

The Mythical Pokemon was spotted by trusted Pokemon source Serebii. It appears that this new Pokemon is man-made. Magiana reportedy has a metallic body, which was forged 500 years ago.

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A screenshot of Magiana can be seen in the link above. From the looks of it, Magiana looks almost fairy-like without the wings. It has oval red eyes, a whitish gray overall appearance, and a rounded bottom that looks almost like a dress. Serebii also reported an interesting fact that Magiana will appear in the next Pokemon movie titled “Poemon the Movie: X Y & Z: Volcanion and the Ingenious Magiana.”

The Pokemon Company has yet to reveal what the movie will be about, but there is a hint as to the relation between Magiana and Volcanion. According to the source, Volcanion may be on a quest to find Magiana, as it is the only one that knows the secret of Magiana. The setting of the movie sees Magiana abducted by the Azoth Kingdom, which is city with super machinery.

Another Pokemon title coming for fans, “Pokemon GO,” is receiving some attention at the upcoming Game Developers Conference come March. According to Nintendo News, developer Niantic will have a 30-minute presenation on “Pokemon GO,” though the actual content of the session has yet to be detailed.

The only clue that the developer has given is that those who will attend the presentation will experience first-hand what the game’s augmented reality, player interaction and world exploration will be like in “Pokemon GO.” The presentation will be known as “Catch ‘Em All: Pokemon GO And Real World Gaming.”

“Pokemon GO” is still not yet given a definitive schedule, but the plan has still been a launch on the iOS and Android platforms this year. There has also been a closed beta testing planned, though Niantic did not give specifics on whether or not the period has already been conducted.

"Pokemon GO" trailer (Credit: YouTube/Official Pokemon Channel)