Celebrations for the 20th anniversary of Pokemon is anything but slowing down. The Pokemon Company has now labelled Feb. 27 as officially the Pokemon Day for this year.

Commemorating the 20 years that the game has enjoyed since its launch back in 1996 in Japan, the milestone will now be celebrated all over the world. Announced over at the official Pokemon website, the first thing that fans can look forward to is the re-release of three titles. These are “Pokemon Blue,” “Pokemon Red” and “Pokemon Yellow,” which are considered the original titles of the game on the Nintendo 3DS. There’s also a special bundle, dubbed as the New Nintendo 3DS Pokemon 20th Anniversary Bundle, which contains the games “Pokemon Blue and Red.”

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Pokemon Day will not be complete without the Pokemon events. Participating stores like Toys ‘R’ Us will be giving foil cards on the day. These special foil cards will have Pikachu and Magikarp as seen in the “Pokemon TCG: Generations.” There will also be an activity boo and poster that feature the original 151 Pokemon. These two latter additions are on a supplies-last basis, so best to get there ahead of the pack. Finally, there is an exclusive Generations binder that will be sold specifically for the new cards.

Another retailer, GameStop, will be offering the Mythical Pokemon poster, available when fans buy any Pokemon product. A Mew plush, for plush toy lovers, is also offered in the store.

As a special event for those in New York City, there is a gathering at the Rockefeller Center scheduled for Feb. 27. The celebrations are not yet detailed, but The Pokemon Company has ensured that here will be fun activities for those who will attend. It will be open to all Pokemon fans.

Apart from the anniversary celebrations, there are the regular events for some of the Pokemon titles. Trusted Pokemon source Serebii has confirmed the European dates for the Mythical Pokemon events for “Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.” From March 1 to 24, Celebi will be distributed, while Jirachi will be distributed from April 1 to 24 via the Nintendo Network.

Additionally, Nintendo website has also updated some details for the “Pokken Tournament.” According to the source, all the existing amiibo can be used in “Pokken Tournament.” However, the company has yet to confirm what items can be unlocked using the amibo. One amiibo card, the Shadow Mewtwo is confirmed to unlock Shadow Mewtwo immediately in the game.