GTA Online
"GTA Online" players can play new Jobs and Challenges while waiting for the next update. Rockstar Newswire

VIP Work and Challenges are taking center stage for the week until Feb. 11 for “GTA Online.” Players can enjoy double GTA$ and RP when playing these challenges. This also goes for all VIP Freemode activities.

Developer Rockstar Games has announced the new event over at the Rockstar Newswire, which comes close on the heels of a recently closed Double GTA$ and RP weekend. During this weekend, the Adversary Modes Playlists can easily double one’s earnings alongside 12 other players.

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There’s also the GTA$500,000 VIP threshold, which is a big drop for those who have always wanted to become a VIP. With just this much, players can now prove their VIP credentials to set up an organisation.

Finally, to complete the VIP treatment in “GTA Online,” there is a 25 percent offer for a couple of vehicles in Executives & Other Criminals. These include Benefactor Turreted Limo, Imponte Nightshade, Declasses Mamba, Bravado Verlierer, Gallivanter Baller, Enus Cognoscenti and Benefactor Schafter. For “GTA Online” players who prefer flight, there’s also a 25 percent discount for Super Volito Carbon and Super Volito helicopters.

Fans are not the only ones having a great executive time with “GTA Online.” It appears that the online component of “GTA V” has been enjoying a lot of attention from players, as recognised by Take-Two. In the latest earnings briefing, the company revealed that “GTA Online” is performing very well financially and in activity among the community.

Even after two years of being with players, it appears that “GTA Online” is still enjoying a high engagement, with the week before holiday seeing one of its best at an 8-million-players a week of activity, GameSpot reported. The developer has pinpointed the engagement to the free content that has been rolled out for “GTA Online.”

There had been a continuous stream of free content, both seasonal and unique in nature, such as the Lowriders update. This trend is just set to build up on its momentum come 2016, especially with the recently released January update and expected seasonal Valentine’s update around the corner.

"GTA Online" Executive Bonus Week (Credit: YouTube/Geaux Burns)