GTA Online
"GTA Online" Be My Valentine DLC is already out. Rockstar Games

Even before Valentine’s weekend hits, “GTA Online” players can enjoy the newest update titled “Be My Valentine.” Already out on the PS4, Xbox One and PC, the “GTA Online” February update.

Rockstar Games has teased a few screenshots of the outfits and the rides that “GTA Online” players can enjoy for this month. Los Santos residents can enjoy the Albany Roosevelt model matched with stylish new clothes and accessories. The new items are matched with some old ones as the developer also included all of the other items that were previously made available during the Valentine’s Day update.

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The Albany Roosevelt Valor can be obtained via the Legendary Motorsport, and it’s a great addition to the garage thanks to its modifications. There’s also the Albany Roosevelt for those who want to go with the classic vintage look.

Some other new attires have landed for both guys and gals. From suits, vests and fedoras to stockings and bustiers, there’s a lot of old fashion going on for Valentine’s.

VG 247 has the costs for some of the new items. The Albany Roosevelt Valor vehicle is at $982,000m while the Gusenberg Sweeper, a returning then time-limited edition machine gun from way back in 2014, is now priced at $15,000.

The developer has also announced a new mode coming on Feb. 12, over at the Rockstar Newswire. Dubbed as the Til Death Do Us Part Adversary mode, the only clue is the vow between lovers of “What’s mine is yours and what’s yours is mine.” Rockstar Games did hint that there will be more information coming soon on the new mode.

In the meantime, “GTA Online” players can check out the Be My Valentine update, seen in the official launch clip below. It’s quite the mafia-styled Bloody Valentine that only “GTA Online” can deliver. The “GTA Online” Be My Valentine expansion is already live for the PS4, Xbox One and PC platforms.

"GTA Online" Be My Valentine trailer (Credit: YouTube/Rockstar Games)