Xbox One
Microsoft has released 10 more games that are backward compatible with the Xbox One. Xbox Wire

Players may still be reeling from the glimpse of “Red Dead Redemption” as an Xbox One compatible title. While it has been officially removed from the list following the announcement of it being an error, Xbox One players need not fret. Microsoft has released more titles to add to the backward compatible games list.

The list just became longer once again with the addition of four more games. The lineup now includes “Alan Wake’s American Nightmare,” “Sam & Max: Beyond Time & Space,” “Trials HD” and “LEGO Batman,” GameSpot reported.

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So far, this brings the count to 134 backward compatible games to the Xbox One. However, Microsoft has also already confirmed other titles, namely “Halo Wars,” “Call of Duty Black Ops,” “Skate 3,” “Bioshock,” “Bioshock 2” and “Bioshock Infinite,” to join the list, according to Express. As far as “Red Dead Redemption” is concerned, there is no official announcement to date, though the company is already in talks with developer Rockstar Games, so a future release is not impossible.

Besides the backward compatible titles, Xbox One players can also look forward to the upcoming release dates of two games on the Xbox One. The first is “Rocket League,” which will debut on the Xbox One on Feb. 17. Psyonix’s vehicle soccer game has already been in PS4 and PC players’ hands since July of last year. Finally, the game will come to the Xbox One for US$20 (approx. AU$28), Engadget reported.

Coming at the start of March is “Screencheat,” a split-screen title with a unique mechanic of winning by looking at the other player’s screen to target the enemy. According to developer Samurai Punk, this was inspired by a long-time habit of playing other games by looking at other’s screens to win, as per the Xbox Wire. The game had already been available on the PC, but all the other builds that came following the PC 2014 launch will now be included in the Xbox One version.

"Red Dead Redemption" Xbox One backward compatible (Credit: YouTube/VG Tech)