'Grey's Anatomy" season 13 spoilers: Love triangle between Meredith, Maggie and Riggs

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ABC drama series Grey's Anatomy cast (L-R) Kelly McCreary, Ellen Pompeo, Sarah Drew and Camilla Luddington pose backstage with the awards for Favorite TV Drama and Favorite TV Character We Miss Most during the 2015 People's Choice Awards in Los Angeles, California January 7, 2015. Reuters/Danny Moloshok

Maggie Pierce was heartbroken when her crush, Nathan Riggs, rejected her invitation to go out in the second episode of “Grey’s Anatomy” season 13. Fans are wondering whether Maggie will give up chasing him after what happened.

Maggie seems to think that that Riggs’ rejection of her invitation is only due to bad timing and maybe one of his acts playing hard to get. To recall, in the second episode of “Grey’s Anatomy” season 13, it was actually Meredith’s idea to have Riggs decline her sister’s invitation. It seems like Maggie will not easily back down from chasing Riggs, according to Entertainment Weekly.

The third episode in the series is titled “I Ain’t No Miracle Worker,” and it will show a gap among three characters in the story – Meredith, Maggie and Riggs. In the season 12 finale of “Grey’s Anatomy,” Maggie revealed to Meredith that she had feelings for Riggs, completely unaware of the fact that her half-sister had already slept with her crush.

“She really can’t betray her sister again,” Ellen Pompeo told EW. “Yet she’s finding herself in this triangle that Maggie for sure is going to see as a betrayal.”

The story would also reveal the unusual felling of Maggie during a car ride with Alex. Not only that, the third episode, as cited by Vine Report, would also show Ben (played by Jason George) take on the role of a parent, Amelia (played by Caterina Scorsone) helping Maggie and Meredith in solving a problem.

“Grey’s Anatomy” season 13’s third episode will be airing on Thursday, Oct. 6 at 8 PM in the US. This will be followed up by the fourth episode on Oct. 13. According to the news, the fourth episode, “Falling Slowly,” will focus on Alex and how Jackson and April adjust as parents to their baby. “Grey’s Anatomy” airs on Mondays on Prime7 in Australia.

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