GTA Online
Rockstar Games will roll out an update for "GTA Online" sometime this month. Facebook/GTA V

“Grand Theft Auto 5,” despite being more than 3 years old, is still one of the most popular and well-received games of its generation. Rockstar Games has successfully extended the life of GTA V and will continue to do so with an upcoming update to “GTA Online,” which will bring the game back to its roots.

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Rockstar Newswire announced the upcoming “GTA Online: Import/Export” expansion will rely on the supply chains that were created in “Further Adventures In Finance and Felony,” which was launched in June. The entire plot of the upcoming DLC will ground the game into its roots and will focus on the theft and sale of high-end vehicles. This is likely to offer players a nice change of pace from the recent smash-and-grab strategy of the title.

As the game developer described, the upcoming extension will introduce a new segment of crime as CEOs and their organizations steal, modify and ultimately resell some of the most popular and most expensive cars in the city. Not only will it take talent to rebuff the vehicles themselves, but players will need to be tactical in taking down the competition while also staying ahead of the authorities.

Players will control multiple garages in order to curate the sale and customisation of the vehicles, which will rely on a new Custom Auto Shop in “GTA Online: Import/Export.” The process itself will introduce several new special vehicles to the game, including what seems to be a ramp-like car. In the end, players will see their empires expand as CEOs flourish in their Executive Buildings, which can house three-floor showrooms.

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According to GameSpot, “GTA Online: Import/Export” will be available for download within the month for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. However, a specific date has not yet been released.