Vice City
"Grand Theft Auto: Vice City" was released on was originally released in 2002. Facebook/Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

“Grand Theft Auto 5” may constantly be at the fingertips of several players, but most eyes are looking for clues regarding the release of “Grand Theft Auto 6.” And gamers with eagle eyes have found just what they were looking for -- Easter eggs regarding the possible location of the next installment from Rockstar Games.

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As Neurogadget has reported, many now believe that GTA 6 will be set in Vice City because of a clue found on Vespucci Beach. The Easter egg was found on a towel that read “I Love VC,” which many have taken to be code for Vice City.

Vice City was the setting of Rockstar Games’ 2002 release, which was aptly titled, “Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.” The sixth title in the franchise was originally released for the PlayStation 2 and was then followed by Microsoft Windows and XBox.

However, there is one other location that is a possibility. Plane tickets were found on Michael’s table that had North Yankton as a destination. Other players have taken this to be a clue that the setting for “Grand Theft Auto 6” will be the fictional city in GTA.

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It could be argued that these are items that just make the entire franchise of “Grand Theft Auto” great -- that it is Rockstar Games’ attention to detail that truly set it apart from others. But it cannot be ignored as the game publisher has left Easter eggs like this before. “Grand Theft Auto 4” specifically indicated the location of Los Santos on a billboard. That theory was proven upon the release of “Grand Theft Auto 5,” where players did return to Los Santos. Furthermore, the brand name that was in that billboard was also found on the ticket to North Yankton.