Grand Theft Auto V
"Grand Theft Auto V" was released by game publisher Rockstar Games in 2013. Facebook/Grand Theft Auto V

Rockstar Games has been incredibly vigilant in providing new content for “Grand Theft Auto V” players. However, as earlier rumours have suggested, the game publisher is not finished with the title and is likely to release another massive update before the year comes to a close.

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In the last few weeks, GTA 5 saw the the inclusion of a new Deadline adversary mode as well as the GTA 5 Online Halloween event. The updates also included other content additions in the game’s recent Bikers DLC. Reports now indicate that the final Bikers update will happen in December.

This “Grand Theft Auto V” update is estimated to include the standard holiday gear, which will come with an onslaught of new features as well. One of these new additions is reported to be a new vehicle selling feature, which was found by dataminers some time ago but has not been fully incorporated into the game itself. Rockstar Games might also include a Kill Quota Adversary Mode, which is estimated to liken the Gun Game mode of “Call of Duty.”

And if GTA tipster Funmw2 is to be believed, however, Rockstar Games will release as many as four new freemode events. These events were previously seen in the game’s code, but have not been released with the Bikers DLC. As such, Funmw2 estimated that the freemode events will come with another DLC.

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On the other hand, Express UK quoted a source saying that Rockstar Games is reviving a DLC plan for "Grand Theft Auto V" that had been buried for some time. “[Rockstar Games] already had quite a lot of work done before they ‘scrapped’ it,” they said. “I was told it is 60-70% complete - mo cap, tech animations and voiceover are done. Basically the biggest part of the job is done, completing it would not be that hard.”