Rockstar Games
Rockstar Games included a new Kill Quota Adversary Mode. YouTube/Rockstar Games

Rockstar Games recently added a new feature to its Adversary Mode called Kill Quota. The new addition to “Grand Theft Auto 5” can accommodate more than 10 players spread among as many as four teams.

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Kill Quota begins with the host choosing among four loadout options, each with six weapons. After which, all teams must reach a kill count with the first and most powerful weapon before moving onto the next, less effective one. The first team to make it through all kill counts using all six weapons wins the battle. However, if no team makes it to the end, the one with the highest kill count is made victor.

The four loadout options in the new addition to “Grand Theft Auto 5” are as follows:

  1. RPG, Minigun, Special Carbine, Heavy Revolver, Sawed Off Shotgun and Machete
  2. Railgun, Combat MG, Musket, Heavy Sniper, Pump Shotgun and Knuckle Duster
  3. Sweeper Shotgun, Compact Rifle, Mini SMG, Compact Launcher, Double Barreled Shotgun and Pool Cue
  4. RPG, Railgun, Heavy Shotgun, Advanced Rifle, AP Pistol and Knife

Kill Quota also introduces several new maps to “Grand Theft Auto 5.” Players who take part in the new mode will also receive double GTA$ and RP until Nov. 28. However, that is not all that Rockstar Games has added into the title right in time for the holidays.

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A new vehicle, the Bravado Youga Classic, has also been made available from Southern San Andreas Super Autos. In addition, other vehicles, customisation and clothing items are at 25 percent off. These include the Buckingham Super Volito and Super Volito Carbon vehicles, as well as the rums, turbo, liveries, resprays and engine mod customisation options. The "Grand Theft Auto 5" clothing options include biker clothing and various tattoos. The weapons, on the other hand, are limited to the compact rifle, carbine rifle and assault rifle.