'Grand Theft Auto 5' update: 'Titanic' is the grandest mod created for the franchise

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"Grand Theft Auto 5" was first released in 2013 by game developer Rockstar Games. Facebook/GTA V

“Grand Theft Auto 5” is undoubtedly one of Rockstar Games’ most popular and most beloved titles. So much so that fans of the same have taken great effort into creating external content, which are -- despite being unofficial -- almost as grand as if it were made by the game developer itself.

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The latest and arguably biggest of these mods was just released by MkElite, or Muhammad Khan. He created the “Titanic” ship, as showcased in James Cameron’s film of the same name -- complete with the grand staircase that led to the dining area and where Rose finally met Jack at the end of the movie. The video gave a tour of the dock and captain's wheel as well. 

The mod also showcased some characters, whose roles are familiar but whose faces are not, such as the musicians and a couple on the front edge of the ship. There were definitely limitations, such as the movement of the people, which was definitely “Grand Theft Auto”-esque, as well as the modern lighting used inside the ship. Nevertheless, the grandiosity of the mod makes it a must see.

Watch MkElite’s “Titanic” mod for “Grand Theft Auto 5”

After the tour of the ship, things start to make a turn for the worst as water starts to seep into the Titanic. Just like in the film, this happens in the “Grand Theft Auto 5” mod during the evening, and people scramble to get to the lifeboats. However, majority of the people end up in the water.

At the latter part of the video, Khan explained how he created the mod. The falling of the various characters, for example, were done by shooting them in the heads. He also put a heavy hand in the modification and video editing of the clip. The ship itself, on the other hand, was created by 26-year-old 3D modeler Kyle Hudak.

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Khan has worked on other “Grand Theft Auto 5” mods in the past, including ones that take inspiration from “Space Jam” and “NBA 2K14.” However, several publications have already dubbed his “Titanic” creation as the largest and grandest one so far -- not just in his roster but in GTA V mods in general.

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