Liberty City
"Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories" was originally released in 2005 for the PlayStation Portable. Facebook/Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

“Grand Theft Auto” modders are cranking it up very early on in the year, starting with the release of a massive “Titanic” mod earlier this week. Nevertheless, a new group called OpenIV Team has already teased the release for the release of an old favourite -- Liberty City.

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Liberty City was part of “Grand Theft Auto IV,” but OpenIV Team’s mod will allow players to add the location to “Grand Theft Auto V” without sacrificing Los Santos or Blaine County. The group released a teaser video and confirmed in its website that the mod will be seen and playable across the sea. In order to do this, the group made use of OpenIV and openFormats.

Watch the teaser for the “Grand Theft Auto V” Liberty City Mod

The group cannot confirm when the mod will actually be available. Currently, OpenIV Team is working as quickly as they can for the release, but did not provide an estimate in its FAQ page. Moreover, the team is not providing beta testing. “As soon as [the] mod will have proper state, it will be released to [the] public,” it said.

The “Grand Theft Auto V” mod will be available as an automatic convertor, which will convert Liberty City from a player’s copy of GTA IV to GTA V. As such, a converter tool will need to be downloaded in order to get a copy of the mod. The converter tool will then transform the mod into a single player DLC, which will then be installed into a player’s copy of GTA V.

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The mod will not be available to play online and will only be available in single player mode since Rockstar Games does not allow mods on “Grand Theft Auto Online.” The OpenIV Team highly discourages trying because the game publisher might put restrictions on players’ accounts.

“Grand Theft Auto V” was released in 2013 and is currently available for the PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The Liberty City mod, however, has only been marketed for PC.