Actor Benjamin McKenzie arrives at the world premiere of the 40th anniversary restoration of the film "Cabaret"
Actor Benjamin McKenzie arrives at the world premiere of the 40th anniversary restoration of the film "Cabaret" during the opening night gala of the 2012 TCM Classic Film Festival in Hollywood, California April 12, 2012. Reuters/Fred Prouser

"Gotham" actor Benjamin McKenzie, popularly known as Ben McKenzie, says he is not dating "The Vampire Diaries" actress Nina Dobrev. Ben and Nina were spotted hugging at the Comic Con earlier this year in San Diego, thus sparking rumours of their alleged romance. The 36-year-old good-looking actor talked about his "greatness" in bed, his dating regrets and also how he used "pink, fluffy" handcuffs with an ex-girlfriend.

Ben became a household name after his role of a bad boy Ryan Atwood in Fox's hit series "The O.C." The blue-eyed actor is now back as James Gordon in "Gotham." He was also linked to Nina Dobrev once but the actor told Elle magazine that he is very much single and does not like to have a public display of affection.

"I'm really shy about that stuff," Ben told the Elle magazine. "I really don't like relationships to be played out in public. It creates terrible strain."

The actor might be shy of showing affection to his girls in public but he is not shy to admit about how great he is in bed. The handsome actor played a cop in the hit series "Southland" for five years. The magazine asked him if he was ever asked to wear uniform while dating a woman. The actor admitted he was rather asked by his girls to use handcuffs on them. Unfortunately, Ben never had handcuffs with him but was lucky enough to date women who would bring them along.

"Handcuffs have been brought," Ben said. "You want the obviously not real ones. The pink fluffy ones."

The magazine asked the actor what he thinks the women he dated would say about him if a poll was conducted and he replied that most of them would say he is "great in bed." The actor also admitted his former girlfriends would call him "stubborn," "little too self-deprecating" and "little detached at times." Ben says if he is given a chance to start his dating life again, he would have "less ego" and would listen to them more. Surprisingly, the actor is a sucker for romantic movies and even cries watching them. His all-time favorite movie is "Marley and Me" and the actor cried "a million times" watching it.