Amazon introduced its Fire TV last week to a very positive review but now Google is rumored to launch its own set-top box. The competition is already rife with Apple TV, Roku, Google's own Chormecast and Amazon's Fire TV ruling the roost.

But the entry of Google's Android TV is not a threat to Chromecast device and Google would still be selling the dongle for a price of $35 that plugs straight into any HDTV to watch online content from any device, according to The Verge.

This is not the first time that Google has tried to make an impact in the TV arena; Google TV was launched in 2010 but it turned out to be a total failure.

The Verge managed to get some credible reports on this rumor and it says "Android TV is an entertainment interface, not a computing platform. It is all about finding and enjoying content with the least amount of friction." It is expected to be cinematic, fun, fluid, and fast.

Rumored Android TV vs. Amazon's Fire TV

Just like the Fire TV, Android TV will also support gaming, and it comes with a gaming controller. The controller is an optional accessory like the Fire TV controller which can be purchased for an additional 39.99$.

Android TV is expected to support voice based commands like the Amazon Fire TV, and to focus more on discovering relevant content faster.

Google is also concentrating on making this streaming process effortless by simplifying the entire TV experience. According to reports, Google is making sure that the user will be able to navigate from the home screen to watching the content in not more than three clicks/gestures.

Also the company is getting rid of unnecessary features like call support, camera, touchscreen support and NFC.

In Android TV, the movies, shows, games are categorized as 'cards' and will be located in a 'virtual shelf' on the TV interface. A remote control is provided to sail through the content, which can interpret voice commands.

Android TV will support Google's YouTube, Hangouts, as well as external services such as Hulu, Vevo, Netflix and Pandora, which is again similar to Amazon's Fire TV.

It is worth noting that, Amazon's Fire TV is powered by a superior Quad-core processor unlike its rivals and it also boasts a 2GB of RAM. Hence it is only natural that Android TV has a similar if not better hardware specification.

Amazon Fire TV is priced at $99 but we do not have information on Android TV's price range as yet. But it is safe to say that, in order to compete with Fire TV & Apple TV, Android TV must fall under the same price range.

According to The Verge, since Chromecast is going to be on sale even after Android TV is launched, app developers might have the head ache of building two different versions, one for Chromecast and the other for Android TV.

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