The Good Doctor star Freddie Highmore RTX465TG
Actor Freddie Highmore poses at the BAFTA Los Angeles Awards Season Tea Party in Los Angeles, California, January 6, 2018. Reuters/Danny Moloshok

"The Good Doctor" cast, including Freddie Highmore (Shaun Murphy), Nicholas Gonzalez (Neil Melendez), Beau Garrett (Jessica Preston) and Richard Schiff (Aaron Glassman), will have an upcoming episode titled "Pain." It will air in the US on March 12. "Pain" will feature a patient that needs to decide if he should undergo a dangerous surgery that doesn't guarantee he will become better.

Spoiler alert: This article has additional 'The Good Doctor' spoilers 2018. Read on if you want to find out about 'Pain.'

An ABC press release states that "The Good Doctor" season 1, episode 16 will show the team treating a patient that must make a difficult decision. He can opt to have a dangerous surgery that could change his life. However, there are no guarantees. He will consult Shaun on what he would do if faced with the same situation.

'Pain' crew and stars

"Pain" was directed by Allison Liddi Brown and it was written by David Renaud and William L. Rotko. The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) states that Olivia Steele Falconer (Gretchen Milman) and Fiona Gubelmann (Dr Morgan Reznick) will appear in this episode. The rest of "The Good Doctor" cast members will also grace this episode, including Hill Harper (Dr Marcus Andrews), Antonia Thomas (Dr Claire Browne), Chuku Modu (Dr Jared Kalu) and Tamlyn Tomita (Allegra Aoki).

'The Good Doctor' episodes: 'Heartfelt'

The episode before "Pain" was "Heartfelt," which aired on Feb. 26 in the US. It was directed by Regina King and written by Thomas L. Moran and Johanna Lee. It featured a teenager that goes through a risky surgery to implant a sternum. It will enable her to live a normal life instead of being confined to her house all the time.

Meanwhile, the hospital also had to deal with a convicted killer who's also a liver transplant donor. Unfortunately, he reacted to the anaesthesia. He eventually decided to kill himself so his liver could be harvested for the sick boy. As for Jared, he told Claire he loved her. Meanwhile, Allegra talked to Dr Andrews about a wealthy and young donor. However, he didn't like the idea and was afraid people would judge him for using sex to get a huge donation.

"The Good Doctor" TV series airs on Tuesdays at 9 pm AEDT on Australia's Seven Network. In the US, it airs on ABC at 10-11 pm ET/PT on Mondays. Stay tuned for upcoming "The Good Doctor 2018" spoilers and updates.