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Cast member Freddie Highmore poses at a press line for "Bates Motel" during the 2014 Comic-Con International Convention in San Diego, California July 25, 2014. Highmore currently stars in the ABC show "The Good Doctor" as Dr. Shaun Murphy. Reuters/Mario Anzuoni

"The Good Doctor" cast, including Freddie Highmore (Shaun Murphy), Richard Schiff (Aaron Glassman), Beau Garrett (Jessica Preston) and Nicholas Gonzalez (Neil Melendez), will have a new episode titled "Heartfelt." It will air in the US on Monday, Feb. 26. "Heartfelt" will feature Dr Murphy's teenage patient who has a rare heart condition that confines her to her home her entire life.

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According to an ABC press release, "The Good Doctor" season 1, episode 15 will feature a teenage patient with a rare heart condition. Unfortunately, this condition requires her to be confined to her home for her entire life. However, she has managed to have a group of friends online. She's hoping that Dr Murphy and the rest of the surgical team at the hospital can figure out a way to give her the life she's always dreamt of. Meanwhile, another young patient with a perfectly matched organ donor will cause a moral dilemma for both the patient and the parents.

'Heartfelt' crew and stars

"Heartfelt" was directed by Regina King and written by Johanna Lee and Thomas L. Moran. According to the Internet Movie Database (IMDb), Stephen Lobo (Dr Arjun Dhillon) and Fiona Gubelmann (Dr Morgan Reznick) will be seen in this episode. The other members of "The Good Doctor" cast will also appear alongside them, including Tamlyn Tomita (Allegra Aoki), Antonia Thomas (Dr Claire Browne), Chuku Modu (Dr Jared Kalu) and Hill Harper (Dr Marcus Andrews).

'The Good Doctor' episodes: 'She'

The episode before "Heartfelt" was "She," which aired in the US on Feb. 5. It was written by Simran Baidwan and directed by Seth Gordon. It showed a competition among the four residents to determine their future in the hospital. Kalu teamed up with Murphy to treat a gender dysphoric patient named Quinn who has testicular cancer. As for Reznick and Browne, they dealt with a patient who ended up having a superbug resistant to various drugs. Meanwhile, Dr Barnes and Dr Andrews, saw a fertility specialist because they want to have children. Dr Andrews blamed Dr Barnes for waiting too long. However, the fertility doctor told him that he actually has a low sperm count so he was referred to a urologist.

"The Good Doctor 2018" airs on Australia's Seven Network at 9 pm AEDT on Tuesdays. In the US, it airs on Mondays at 10-11 pm ET/PT on ABC. Stay tuned for more "The Good Doctor" spoilers and updates in the coming weeks.